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Computer Hardware Salvaging

 Do you have old, broken, working and non-working or otherwise worthless computer hardware laying around? We can help by salvaging your old hardware. Due to the lead content of most computer hardware, you can't simply throw it out in your trash. Besides being bad for the environment, it's usually against the law.

We generally do not purchase equipment for salvaging (due to its low value), but will accept your equipment for free*. If you live in the Salem, Oregon area we will also pick up your items for free. If you live elsewhere, you can ship your items to us at your cost.

What we will do with the hardware:

  • Working or Semi-Working - Clean and/or refurbish for resale or donating. Basically we will try to put it back into use.

  • Broken, non-working, etc. - We will salvage the items for any usable parts and take what's left to our local recycling center for proper disposal.**
* Small quantities only. Monitors are accepted for a fee of $5 unless accompanied by a computer system. We cannot accept all items (such as toner cartridges), so please contact us with a list of your items beforehand. We may, at our discretion, pay for some items deemed to have a significant value.

** Our local recycling center accepts computer equipment and scrap metal.

To arrange a pick-up or shipment, please submit the following form:


Phone Number (###-###-####):

Street Address (if local):

E-Mail Address:

List of items:


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