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Surplus and Salvaging
We buy and sell surplus computer hardware and software, both new and used, working and not. If you are looking for something that is not currently on our Inventory list, or if you have items to sell, please use our Requests page to contact us.

If you have old, broken, non-working or otherwise worthless hardware, you can not just throw it out in the trash - it is bad for the environment and most states have laws forbidding it. See our Salvage page for information on how we can take care of these items for you.

** We Ship Worldwide **

Featured Items

Risograph Inks

$4.99 each
We have the following Risograph inks available:
RP/RN Burgundy (1) - FR Purple (1)

Each item is new and unused but no longer in original box.

Please look for them in our eBay auctions or
e-mail us for more information.

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