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Consignment Sales

If you have high-value items, or items for which the potential value is unknown, we can sell them for you on a consignment basis. We handle everything and pay you when it sells.

Items Accepted:
We generally handle only computer or technology based items, but may, at our discretion, accept other items. We will evaluate items either in person or by written list and decide which item(s) we can accept. The condition of all items must be described as accurately as possible. If the condition is unknown and cannot be determined, the condition will be listed as "Unknown" (possibly lowering its value). All items will be sold as provided unless cleaning, testing and/or refurbishing has been requested and related billable hours have been agreed to. Items will be stored in our office unless size dictates otherwise.

For sales of $100 or less, our fee is 30% of the net amount. For sales above $100, our fee is 30% of the first $100 plus 10% of the amount above $100. Our minimum fee is $5.00 and will ultimately be charged whether an item sells or not (see below). All fees are based on the net amount (gross sale minus auction fees (if applicable), merchant card fees (if applicable), shipping costs, and any other related fees) of each item.

What we will do:
We will photograph your item, write up a detailed description and add it to our inventory. We will store and attempt to sell your item for a period of one year. If an item has not been sold after one year, you may request your item be returned to you (the $5 minimum charge, plus any selling fees incurred, will apply) or give us the item for salvage. We do not make payments for items accepted for salvage, even if they are sold a later time.

Each item will be listed in an online auction at least twice and will be listed on our website. Your items will also be promoted in other ways as the opportunity arises. If you find a buyer for an item during the one year period, we will return the item to you (the $5 minimum charge, plus any selling fees incurred, will apply).

When an item is sold, we will handle all payment collection and shipping duties for items stocked in our office. For large items still in your possession, we will either assist you or handle the shipping duties, whichever is most feasible.

Payments are made at the first of each month. Payments for items sold will be scheduled after the buyer has received their item and appear to be satisfied with the purchase. Payments you receive will be computed by taking the net sale amount (gross sale minus shipping and selling costs) and subtracting our fees.


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