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For General and Specific Searches:
Overture Search the Web from Overture.

For Only Relevant Web Sites:

[ Yahoo! ] options

For More Thorough Searches:

For People and Local Businesses:

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For Specific Products or Services:

Search Tips:

Use the
General search engines for your basic, well-rounded searches. These will often display the results in a weighted order starting with the best matches first and includes both websites and pages.

If you're looking for specific websites or types of websites, use the Relevant search engines. The results will display all websites matching your search criteria, sorted by categories.

If you would like to find all pages with a reference to your search criteria, use one of the Thorough search engines. The results are often quite large, but will include all web pages that include the word or words you search for. These are great for searching for rare or off-the-wall information.

Most search engines have advanced features to perform better and more specific searches - I highly recommend using these features. These features will vary from site to site, but most will support the following:

    AND - Used to search for pages that include two or more words (i.e., microsoft AND windows). Some sites use + for these searches.

    OR - Used to search for pages that include either of two or more words.

    NEAR - Used to search for pages that include two words near each other (the number of words between them will vary between sites).

    "" - Enclose a full name or phrase in quotes to search text as a whole.


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