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Reflexion Anti-Spam Solution

The Reflexion anti-spam solution is based on a white-list system - you only receive messages from senders you have approved. Once the setup process is complete, using the system requires little maintenance and will eliminate the majority of junk mail from you inbox. When the system is first enabled for your account, you will see "** POSSIBLE SPAM **" added to the subject line of all your incoming messages. This is done to indicate that these senders are not on your white-list. Once you are done white-listing (usually three to four weeks or once the "Possible Spam" message are 95% junk mail), you can switch to full blocking mode where all previously "Reflected" messages will be blocked entirely. This system also allows you to create new address to help deal with junk mail in the future (see below). If you have any questions, would like us to make changes for you, or would like to disable this system for your account, give us a call or send us a message.

White-listing can be done in a few different ways. The easiest is from within a message from a valid sender. A "Reflexion Control Panel" is added to the end* of all your incoming messages, and clicking on either Add Sender or Add Domain** will add that sender or domain to your white-list. If you have a large number of address to white-list, they can be sent in a specially formatted message to the server (please contact us for more information on this). Lastly, you can request that we add an address or domain to your white-list manually. Once a sender has been white-listed, those messages will no longer have "** POSSIBLE SPAM **" in the subject line.

* In some HTML messages, the Control Panel may appear somewhere other than the end.
** Only white-list a domain if you are SURE you wish to receive all messages from that domain.

Reject & Quarantine
Our default settings for full blocking is to reject junk mail (and send a new address) and to quarantine the rejected messages (highly recommended). Once this full blocking is enable, all junk messages will be rejected and a message will be sent to the sender with a new address for them to use. If there is a valid sender at the other end, they may use the new address provided to reach you. If at any time you decide you do not want to receive messages from this sender, that particular address can easily be turned off. If Quarantine is enable, all rejected messages will be stored under your account on the Reflexion server. This allows you to look for valid messages that didn't get through, and the system allows you to release them to your inbox (and even white-list them at the same time). If you use the Quarantine, you should plan on going into your account and deleting all the junk mail on an occasional basis. You may also disable the Quarantine if you feel confident that you are not losing any messages.

One of the best features of the Reflexion system is the ability to create new addresses on-the-fly. You would want to use this feature any time you wish to prevent your address from being shared or would like the ability to block it in the future. For instance, this feature is perfect for signing up to newsletters or website registrations. The format of the new addresses are user .anything @ In other words, add a period at the end of your user name, then anything you want, then the rest of your e-mail address. These new addresses will come through without being blocked, and the Control Panel at the bottom of the message will tell you whether it is the first time it has been used and how many different senders have used it. You can restrict a particular address to the original sender or turn it off entirely if it is being abused.

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